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Accommodation in St Petersburg Hotels, Russia

Tour operator “FORTUNA” has direct contracts with a great number of Hotels in Saint-Petersburg. That’s why it can offer you the lowest prices in the city. Address us and we will find you Hotels, Mini-hotels and Hostels according to your choice.
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Hotels in Saint-PetersburgPrices in euroAdditional information
Cat on Matroskin Hosteldetails
Location HostelFrom 16 €details
Nevsky  HostelFrom 16 €details
Pilau HostelFrom 14 €details
Hotels 3*
Azimut (Soviet) Hotel 3*From 38 €From 50 €details
Andersen Hotel 3*From 59 €From 70 €details
Vyborgskaya Hotel 3*From 32 €From 38 €details
Ibis Hoteldetails
Karelia Hotel 3*From 49 €From 58 €details
Ladoga Hotel 3*+From 59 €From 60 €details
Morskoy Vokzal Hotel 3*From 65 €From 85 €details
Neva Hotel 3*details
Oktyabrskaya Hotel 3*From 75 €From 95 €details
Okhtinskaya Hotel 3*From 52 €From 64 €details
Polustrovo Hotel 3*From 45 €From 52 €details
Rossiya Hotel 3*From 69 €From 84 €details
Saint-Petersburg Hotel 3*From 55 €From 57 €details
Sputnik Hotel 3*details
Alexander Plats Hotel 3*From 48 €From 55 €details
Amsterdam Hotel 3*From 48 €From 55 €details
Atlantic Hotel 3*+From 79 €From 89 €details
Best Corner Hotel 3*From 70 €From 81 €details
Dynasty Hotel 3*From 75 €From 83 €details
Eurasia Hotel 3*From 48 €From 55 €details
Zlatoust Hotel 3*details
Golden Triangle Hotel 4*details
Guest Center Korona 3*From 92 €From 123 €details
Marco Polo Hotel 4*details
Marshal Hotel 3*From 78 €From 106 €details
Matisov House Hotel 3*From 47 €From 63 €details
Maribelle Hotel 3*From 45 €From 49 €details
Nevsky Hotel Moika 5 3*From 92 €From 111 €details
Hotel on Petrogradskaya 3*From 39 €From 50 €details
Nevsky Dvor Hotel 3*From 52 €From 64 €details
Obuhoff Hotel 3*From 44 €From 74 €details
Association Hotels On Nevsky 3*From 63 €From 83 €details
Regina Hotel 3*From 48 €From 54 €details
Hotel Sonata at Mayakovskogodetails
Hotel Sonata at Gorokhovayadetails
Mini-hotel Suvorov 3*From 67 €From 79 €details
U Fontana Hotel 3*details
Hotels 4*
Ambassador Hotel 4*From 135 €From 157 €details
Arcadia Hotel 4*From 101 €From 114 €details
Courtyard Marriot Hotel 4*details
Hotel Moscow 4*From 62 €From 76 €details
Hotel Nash Hotel 4*From 95 €From 110 €details
Nuptun Hotel 4*From 64 €From 104 €details
Novotel Hotel 4*From 150 €From 176 €details
Petro Palace Hotel 4*From 156 €From 170 €details
Pribaltiyskaya Hotel 4*From 99 €From 117 €details
Pulkovskaya Hotel 4*From 87 €From 106 €details
Hotel RossiyaFrom 79 €From 138 €details
Sokos Olympia Garden 4*From 131 €From 142 €details
Sokos Hotel VasilievskyFrom 131 €From142 €details
Hotels 5*
Angleterre Hotel 5*From 214 €From 272 €details
Astoria Hotel 5*From 255 €From 318 €details
Baltic Star Hotel 5*From 87 €From 113 €details
Grand Hotel Europe 5*From 267 €From 314 €details
Kempinski Hotel 5*From 333 €From 410 €details
Radisson SAS Royal Hotel 5*From 171 €From 211 €details
Sokos Palace Bridge Hotel 5*From 163 €From 176 €details
Tallion Imperial Hotel 5*From 287 €From 356 €details
Grand Hotel Emerald 5*From 192 €From 222 €details
Countryside Hotels 5*
Aquamarine SPA Hoteldetails
Hotel Dacha country clubForm 55 €From 71 €details

Prices in the Hotel are given per night stay, including breakfasts.
Prices in the Hotel are given for low season period.
All prices include Taxation (18%).

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More detailed information on seasons look on the page of specific Hotel
Our prices are lower than in the Hotels!
We are always glad to receive your request! Options of better offer and conditions are possible for you. There are special offers for tourist agencies and groups!

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According to general report Northern capital is visited by up to 6 million tourists, and 2,7 million of them were foreigners. Trips start from Hotel and Hoteliers endeavor to change together with requirements of guests and tourists – they bring in new innovations in decoration of rooms. Today in Saint-Petersburg there are a bit more than 400 average hotels and big hotels and up to 800 mini-hotels.  Number of rooms makes up more than 33 thousand of rooms. With that their number increases due to yearly opening of up to 120 new Hotels. Today Saint-Petersburg Hotel market is the most developed one in Russia, and even Moscow and Sochi where Olympic games will take place in year 2014 do not yield.
In nearest several years’ part of International Hotel nets will increase greatly, it is connected with raise of cultural and business attractiveness of the city. Saint-Petersburg is already widely presented by such Hotel operators as Four Seasons and Swissotel, Inter Continental Hotel Group, Marriott International, Sokos Hotels end Cronwell Hotels&Resorts, Rezidor Hotel Group, Marriott, Novotel, Crown Plaza, Park Inn, Ibis, Inter Continental and others. Saint-Petersburg Hotel business develops taking patterns of their Western colleagues, but no one doesn’t forget to consider specialties of native mentality.
Share of Hotels of the first class: 5* – 8%
Share of Hotels of middle class: 3* and 4* – 52%
Share of Hotels of economy class: – 2* – 21%
Share of Hotels having no category: 19%
Saint-Petersburg is one of the most demanded cities in Russia. Naturally though that the greatest number of the Hotels is concentrated in historical part of the city, in Central and Admiralty districts of Saint-Petersburg, here are located more than 300 Hotels with the room number of 4200 rooms.
Here are presented all five star Hotels of the city, such as: “Eliseev Palace Hotel”-“Tallion”, “Grand Hotel Europe”, “Radisson SAS Royal Hotel”, “Corinthia Nevsky Palace”, “Grand Hotel Emerald”, “Renaissance Saint-Petersburg Baltic Hotel”, “Astoria”, “Kempinski Moika 22” and other Hotels with the most luxurious and author interiors.
Cheap Saint-Petersburg Hotels exist as private or net organizations, going through its rapid development. These budget Hotels help its guests significantly lowering its financial expenses. Russian citizens more often book three star Hotels. Their demand makes up 50%. For example, cost of room per night in Saint-Petersburg costs 87 euro, and in Moscow – about 105 euro, in Norilsk – 276 euro, In Esentuki and Kogalym – 171 euro. Thus, Saint-Petersburg is on the 57th place in the cost of accommodation in the Hotels. The most expensive bookings were made by Russian tourists from Yekaterinburg, Moscow, Khanty-Mansiysk, and Krasnodar.
Mini-hotels of Saint-Petersburg stand out by their ability to satisfy needs of these or other groups of clients. Often, right way of choosing a place of location of mini-hotels helps to increase good impression from the trip and to improve your mood. Mini-hotels are varied and are abundant in their offers. Because of crisis of year 2008, hotels have gone through quite complex process of natural selection, being able to orientate to satisfying of needs and price expectations of guests. Nevertheless, we find it easier to confirm double room than single.
Business client can’t imagine his trip without modern types of communication and technical innovations; he requires special applications for Smartphone’s, channels with video lessons on fitness with virtual instructor, high speed Internet and special applications for its tablets, free Wi-Fi in all the hotel, etc. All the more hotels of Saint-Petersburg started to welcome guests from Latin America, Brazil, India, and Japan, even though usual foreign travelers for Saint-Petersburg hotels are tourists from Germany, China, and Turkey, Israel.
All the year Saint-Petersburg abounds in rich cultural events, economic and sport events, special burst comes to the period of White Nights. If abroad the term MICE is almost always used to signify business tourism, here in Russia it entails the most different activities: events, meetings, incentive, corporate for travelling seminars, advertisements, entertainments for your staff, weddings and outdoor activities. “FORTUNA” company notes that with every year there comes more and more sites, offers on hotel market rapidly grow. Saint –Petersburg (including Leningrad region) is a business center, where exhibition grounds, conference halls and hotels of luxury segment are given main income. Some several years ago events of 100 – 150 persons were considered to be a rarity and being complicated for holding, but now taking care of 400 – 800 hundreds of guests at one time is almost an average occasion. Demand on large-scale events increases, for them are offered multifunctional or adjacent halls, halls-transformers, conference facilities with large demand of technology. Built-in screens, sound equipment of the latest generation, projectors, variety of microphones – from buttonhole and traditional wired microphones to booths for simultaneous translation.

In “Angleterre” Hotel 5* cinema was opened
To attend events that will take place in cinema hall will be possible as for lodgers of “Angleterre” Hotel the same for all funs of author cinema and art-house. In Hotel cinema not only cinema pictures will be translated, but also ballet and opera performances. Films also will be screened in original language.
Cinema hall in “Angleterre” Hotel facility is designed for 187 seats. At the same time here will work American way of audience seating. Seats will not be numbered. It will be possible to visit cinema by season ticket that audience can get as for the whole season the same is for separate event and program. Five-star Hotel “Angleterre” was built about a hundred years ago.
“Astoria” 5* and “Grand Hotel Europe” 5* Hotels own boats for shore tours.
Lodgers of “Astoria” 5* and “Grand Hotel Europe” 5* Hotels can use hotel boat. Now tourists who stay in the Hotels and business travelers will be easily able to go on sightseeing trips for well-known rivers and channels of Northern Venice. Boats “Catharine” and “FOUR WINNS” will make lodgers closer to legendary Venetian atmosphere that is totally not alien to Saint-Petersburg. It will be possible to make a trip on Neva waters in middle of the night on Saint-Petersburg bridges raise. During such a trip guests will be offered champagne, fruits, praline, tea and coffee.


  • Offer its clients down filling and pillows of foamed material – who likes what.
  • From neck rolls and orthopedic pillows Tempur to matrices for relaxation of the whole body.
  • Four-legged customers are offered massage, room service, that includes delicacies like meat, SPA procedures,  pedicure and walks on fresh air.
  • Beach bungalow: houses at the water’s edge hiding from scorching sun rays, wireless Internet and huge screens.
  • Flowers – this is still a surprise
  • The greatest surprise will be composed for you, and only you poetry that you did not expect to find at all.
  • Butler-professional: in some hotels there is a position of butler, who is ready to fulfill any of your requests. For example, e-butler can help you to establish Internet connection, as well as perform other services such like to repair a peephole
  • Color and aromatherapy: fragrant incense, streaming down the Hotel room
  • In the range of Hotels it is possible to see special lightening devices.

Statistics show that every 10th lodger takes something from the room of a Hotel for memory. The Telegraph made a rating of the most unusual things that guests managed to steal from the Hotels. The list of the most unordinary stealing was made with the participation of 500 Hotels of the world.

  • In Las-Vegas Hotel Administration noted an absence of several carpets.
  • Hotel Administration in Istanbul affirms from one room except bed and table disappeared all the furniture.
  • From Berlin Hotel lodger packed for memory a toilet seat, cistern, and even watering can shower with hidromassage attachment.
  • As a general director of Starwood Hotel Group Mr. Colin Bennett that serves in hotel business for more than 20 years reminded about incredible stealing. Coming to work and entering the hall of the hotel he saw three working men in jumpsuits were caring away the piano. Mr. Colin Bennett was sure that these men were the Hotel staff. But since then he has never seen the piano again.
  • From Dubai five-star Hotel a guest managed to carry away a sofa and mini-bar (fridge).
  • From Madrid five-star Hotel a couple of matrices were carried away. Seems to be that it was very cozy to sleep on the beds.
  • In Birmingham Hotel “Hotel du Vin” tired and not quite sober guest tried to rip wall dummy of Borov. Being caught on at the spot he apologized.  After two weeks sober attacker-looser was presented with a wall dummy as a wedding gift.
  • Not uncommon, but  rather a practice is to take plasma screens, number from Hotel door, curtains, books – bedside Bibles, swords, loops from the doors and even four foot wooden bear.
  • From Mayfair Hotel “Chesterfield Hotel” disappeared two busts, on the next day busts were returned packed in black box. It looks like guest had torments of conscience.
  • In Hotel “Sheraton Park Tower” flowers from vases disappear somewhere. Owners of the Hotel spend considerable sums for flowers. Flowers are being bought twice as often.
  • It is not a rarity when someone takes away someone’s dog.
  • In Hong Kong Hotel “W Hotel” disappeared a painting of Andy Warhol with for 300 000.
  • In Hong Kong Hotel Shangri-La took off and carried away expensive chandelier.
  • In American Holiday Inn an American couple requested a room located closer to parking area. In the morning everything disappeared from the room, including bed. Everything is possible!
  • From the Hotel “Four Seasons Beverly Wilshire Hotel” where famous movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Geri was shot, one of Hotel guests decided to take away marble chimney that he liked.